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Formula One Game: New saison - New Luck


The fast racing cars are back at full speed for the new Formula One saison - started with the "Australian Grand Prix".
We are also ready with our Google Earth - Game for the new saison. So you can reconquer the top 10 of the overall and setting new personal best times on the race circuits. This year you can drive on three new courses:

22 June 2014Red Bull RingAUT
20 July 2014HockenheimringGER
12 October 2014Sotchi International Street CircuitRUS

If you want to have a look what you can expect for the new Formula One saison you can watch a video about this game. The YouTube video shows footage from the game during the registration, when driving on the different circuits and the view of the overall standings. Check it out here:

Do you want to drive one lap? Then click the following link to start the Formula One - game for Google Earth:

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